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Multiscalers, Gated Photon Counters
Designed and Manufactured by bh


MSA-300 Multiscaler

 data sheet, operating manual

Up to 512 k Points/Curve

Time/Point 5 ns to 50 ms

Count Rate 100 MHz

Hardware Accumulation

No Dead Time between Sweeps

Applications: Time-of-Flight, LIDAR, Fluorescence and Phosphorescence, Flash Photolysis


PMS-400A Gated Photon Counter / Multiscaler

  data sheet, operating manual

2 Detector Channels/Module

Parallel Operation of up to 4 Modules

Up to 64 k Points/Curve

Time/Point 250 ns to 100 000 s

Count Rate 800 MHz

Gating down to 1 ns

Hardware Accumulation

Event Mode for Single Molecule Detection

Hardware Accumulation

Applications: Time-of-Flight, LIDAR, Luminescence, Phosphorescence, Trace Analysis, Flash Photolysis, Raman Scattering






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